Nabu Research Academy provides consultation in many countries in the world for students, researchers and academic staff. We apply into several universities to do their study undergraduate or postgraduate studies and also assist the researchers and academic staff in their research. Moreover, we help them to publish their work in good scientific journals that has impact factor (SCOPUS and ISI). Nabu Research Academy has great and professional staff to proof-read and improve the English for academia. We also collaborate with universities in order to organize international conferences. Finally, Nabu provides professional consultancy for private sectors including Sales and Marketing and Entrepreneurship and many others.

Recent Conferences

    2nd International Conference on Humanity, Management and Social Sciences, Bali, Indonesia
    2nd International Conference on Law and Politics
    3rd International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Technology (COMSCET 2018)
    2nd International Conference on Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering 2017 (COMSCET)
    International Conference on Medical Science and Biomedical Engineering 2017 (MedicS2017)
    International Conference on Humanity, Art and Social Sciences 2017 (ICHA16)
    International Conference on Business, Management, Economic, Marketing and Tourism 2017 (BMEMT)

Recent Publications

    Publication with Scopus index journal

Recent Workshops

    paper writing
    2-Day training on Structural Equation Modeling with AMOS


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